What’S Another Word For Guarantee?

What is the best synonym for guarantee?


What is the antonym of guarantee?

What is the opposite of guarantee?breakcondemnrefuserefuterejectrepudiatevetorenouncegainsaydisagree62 more rows

What is another word for untraceable?

What is another word for untraceable?faintimperceptibleinaudibleinvisibleunnoticeableindiscernibleundetectableodorlessUSsubtleinfinitesimal35 more rows

Is guaranteeing a word?

guarantee verb [T] (PROMISE) to promise that something will happen or exist: … If you guarantee someone’s debt, you formally promise to accept the responsibility for that debt if the person fails to pay it.

What does guarantee of rights mean?

1 a formal assurance, esp. in writing, that a product, service, etc., will meet certain standards or specifications. 2 (Law) a promise, esp. a collateral agreement, to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of another. a a person, company, etc., to whom a guarantee is made.

What is the synonym of tranquilizer?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tranquilize, like: calm, calm down, quiet, soothe, quell, pacify, assuage, lull, relax, sedate and subdue.

What is another word for required?

What is another word for required?necessaryneededcompulsorymandatoryobligatoryvitalprescribedrequisiteindispensablepivotal223 more rows

What is the adjective for guarantee?

reasonable, reliable, safe, same, satisfactory, similar, slightest, sole, solemn, solid, special, state, strong, stronger. strongest, substantial, such, sufficient, sure, surer, surest, ultimate, virtual, written, year. Hope this word list had the adjective used with guarantee you were looking for.

What is the word guarantee?

1 : a promise that something will be or will happen as stated a guarantee against defects. 2 : something given as a promise of payment : security. guarantee. verb. guaranteed; guaranteeing.

Do tranquilizers make you sleep?

Also known as tranquilizers or depressants, sedatives have a calming effect and can also induce sleep.

What is the difference between guarantee and warranty?

The guarantee is a sort of commitment made by the manufacturer to the purchaser of goods, whereas Warranty is an assurance given to the buyer by the manufacturer of the goods. … The guarantee covers product, service, persons and consumer satisfaction while warranty covers products only. The guarantee is free of cost.

What does nominate mean?

: to formally choose (someone) as a candidate for a job, position, office, etc. : to choose (someone) for a job, position, office, etc. : to choose (someone or something) as a candidate for receiving an honor or award.

What is another word for guarantees?

What is another word for guarantee?assurancepledgepromisewordcontractcovenantoathvowwarrantyaffirmation64 more rows

Does guarantee mean 100%?

to promise that something will happen or is true: guarantee sb sth European Airlines guarantees its customers top-quality service. guarantee that sth is sth We guarantee that our products are 100% safe.

Which word has the opposite meaning of the word nominate?

nominate. Antonyms: suggest, indicate, conjecture, describe, recal, deprive, cancel, withdraw, divert. Synonyms: name, specify, appoint, individualize, define, invest, present, entitle.

What procedure mean?

1a : a particular way of accomplishing something or of acting. b : a step in a procedure. 2a : a series of steps followed in a regular definite order legal procedure a surgical procedure. b : a set of instructions for a computer that has a name by which it can be called into action.