Question: Which One Of The Following Is An Example Of Tertiary Sector?

What are the main components of tertiary sector?

What are the main components of tertiary sectorGovernment service.Education service.Health service.

Entertainment service.Hotels and Restaurants.Retail.

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What are the features of tertiary sector?

Explain any five features of tertiary sectorTertiary activities provide support to the primary and secondary sectors through services. … It do not produce goods while other two sectors perform production.tertiary sector includes new services based on information technology but other two sectors do not.It act as aid or help for production process.Oct 15, 2016

Is Nestle in the primary secondary or tertiary sector?

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company and employs over a quarter of a million workers. It is in the secondary sector at the centre of the supply chainthat starts with producers of agricultural products in the primary sector and ends with distribution and retailing in the tertiary sector.

What is tertiary activity Class 9?

Tertiary sector comprises activities that provide support to the primary and secondary sectors through various services. Trade, transport, communication, banking, education, health, tourism, insurance, etc., are examples of tertiary activities.

What type of sector is Coca-Cola?

Soft Drink Manufacturing IndustryThe Coca-Cola Company is located in City OF Industry, CA, United States and is part of the Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry.

Which of the following is an example of tertiary sector?

Tertiary activity consists of all occupations of service. Significant examples of tertiary activities include transport, networking, commerce, health, education and administration. The growth of primary and secondary sectors is assisted by these tertiary activities.

What are tertiary activities examples?

Examples of tertiary sector industriesTelecommunication.Hospitality industry/tourism.Mass media.Healthcare/hospitals.Public health.Pharmacy.Information technology.Waste disposal.More items…

What are the new job opportunities in tertiary sector?

Answer. Answer: Trade,Transport,communication,banking,education,health,tourism,services,insurance,etc.

Which area is most affected by the development of tertiary sector?

Urban area Explanation: Demand of services like eating out, tourism, shopping, private hospitals, schools, etc. These things are mostly demanded by the big cities. Thus it is the urban area which is affected most by the development of tertiary sector. 4.

What type of industry is McDonald’s?

McDonald’sTypePublicIndustryRestaurantsGenreFast food restaurantFoundedMay 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, CaliforniaFoundersRichard and Maurice McDonald (1st restaurant) Ray Kroc (Founder of the McDonald’s Corporation)16 more rows

What is the meaning of secondary sector?

The secondary sector includes secondary processing of raw materials, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing and industry. … Most of this sector is mechanical engineering. For example: making sugar from sugarcane or making cement from lime stone and then construction a house.

What are the characteristics of tertiary sector?

Explain any 5 features of tertiary sector?there has been an increase in the activities of tertiary is an aid to primary and secondary basic facilities like hospitals,banks etc.Dec 8, 2016

What is tertiary activity Class 8?

Tertiary activities. 1. It is those activites which are connected with extraction and production of natural resources. It is those activities which provide support and service to primary and secondary activities.

Is McDonald’s a tertiary sector?

McDonald’s main focus is their tertiary sector, this is because it is where they provide goods to the costumers. They provide fast-food such as burgers, fries and drinks.

Is Coca Cola tertiary sector?

Coca-Cola is a secondary industry/sector. The secondary sector of industry is the manufacturing sector of the industry. … Many of these industries consume large quantities of energy and require factories and machinery to convert the raw materials into goods and products.

What is tertiary employment?

Tertiary jobs involve providing a service e.g. teaching and nursing. Quaternary jobs involve research and development e.g. IT. Employment Structures. Employment structure means how the workforce is divided up between the three main employment sectors – primary, secondary and tertiary.

What are the advantages of tertiary sector?

Better technology and improved labour productivity have enabled a higher output of manufactured goods and agriculture with less labour. This increased productivity has led to: Increased incomes of workers to spend on services. Spare labour to be able to work in the more labour intensive tertiary sector.

What is secondary sector example?

Secondary / manufacturing sector – concerned with producing finished goods, e.g. Construction sector, manufacturing and utilities, e.g. electricity. Service / ‘tertiary’ sector – concerned with offering intangible goods and services to consumers. This includes retail, tourism, banking, entertainment and I.T. services.

Is McDonalds a public sector?

As McDonalds is owned by individuals and shareholders. Like most organizations in the private sector, McDonalds is definitely profit oriented,with 30,000 restaurants worldwide in more than 100 countries including franchise stores, it’s main goal is to earn money off the service it provides.

What does tertiary mean?

1 : of third rank, importance, or value. 2a : involving or resulting from the substitution of three atoms or groups a tertiary salt. b : being or containing a carbon atom having bonds to three other carbon atoms an acid containing a tertiary carbon.

What is the primary sector?

The primary sector includes all those activities the end purpose of which consists in exploiting natural resources: agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, deposits.